Global Deal for Nature

People around the world are calling on government leaders to support a Global Deal for Nature that protects and restores 50% of the Earth’s lands and oceans. Scientists say this bold target is needed to save nature, prevent runaway climate change, feed the world, and ensure a healthy planet for future generations. Millions have already signed the petition, but we need more voices in support of nature!

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CarboTax Quiz

To address climate change, governments need to get serious about making polluters pay for their carbon emissions. You can make a powerful statement today by paying a voluntary “carbon tax” that goes toward protecting critically important forests and coastal ecosystems. Start by seeing how your carbon footprint compares to the average American.

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Rock the Vote

If you live in the US, the most important thing you can do is vote (in every election!) for representatives who care about the environment and are committed to stopping climate change. If you aren't already registered to vote, fill out this form—it only takes a few minutes. And if you are under 18, you can still fill out the form and sign up for a reminder on your 18th birthday!